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    In the sports betting provider BetRedKings, each customer can get a bonus, which brings several advantages. Especially as a new customer can thereby be availed quality bonuses. This includes the 100 percent bonus, which is granted to customers on their first deposit. Accordingly, the capital of the deposit is doubled up to a maximum amount of 100 Euro. Ideally, the new user can thus play with 200 euros, to place his first bet at BetRedKings. Of course, besides these Bonus of 100 percent other bonuses can still be expected and used which are, for example, without making a deposit available, can only be used on mobile phones or provide more safety in the sports book. In this way, each user can see for themselves and each bet, the matching bonus. Important to know here is that at BetRedKings can always get new bonus programs or the existing bonuses are changed. Thus, the user can sometimes get better even promotions in the future.

BetRedKings No Deposit Bonus

    As a welcome bonus, every customer receives at the sports betting provider BetRedKings, 5 Euro as a gift. To receive this promotion, it is for the customer only necessary to carry out an application on the side. Once all customer data received by the seller, the user can use the bonus on the E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. demand. The money will be credited to circumvent the respective player account. As with any bonus that is offered at a sports betting providers like BetRedKings, of course, wagering requirements must be met or complied with. This includes that this bonus is only available for the following countries: Germany, Finalnd, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria.


   In addition, only one promotion on your account may be active. Thus, the 5 euro bonus must be only implemented before new bonuses become available. Also, designate that with the 5 euros as a bonus, not a higher amount may be recovered as 100 euros. Finally, one of the sales conditions that the 5-euro bonus 10 times at Bets must be implemented at a rate of 1.80, so that the amount can be paid then. Here, the amount can not be set twice on the same game and the users have only 15 days to place the 10 bets.

BetRedKings Bonus Rules

   If you want to save it as a new player at BetRedKings the 100 percent bonus on the first deposit, must pay according to the necessary requirements and sales conditions, to use the bonus right. Only thus is then at a later stage without problems a payout of the bonus amount possible. Because of this, to designate not only a deposit has to be made for the preservation of this bonus, just as the customer need to use the bonus code: Enter Bet100 in their account. Just as the deposit bonus can be unlocked. In addition, it is necessary to implement the bonus amount and the deposit amount 3 times in the betting. However, only sports betting with odds of at least 2.00 or higher, and a bet amount of 30 euros can be used. The total bonus of 100 euros thus a total turnover of EUR 600 must be achieved before a payout is possible. Of course, the user can not bet twice on the same sporting event to meet the wagering requirements faster. Otherwise, should still be listed that players must adhere to a time limit of 45Tagen to meet the wagering requirements of the Welcome Bonus. Exceeding this time limit will void the bonus offer. 

BetRedKings High Roller Bonus

    High Roller are due to their high stakes in the operators of an online betting portal usually very popular. Therefore it is not surprising that these users will get special bonus programs offered. On the website of BetRedKings there doing Although no official promotions, which are especially suitable for high rollers, but for these customers receive access to special events or sports betting. At these events, a very high profit, for example, are expected or there is particularly exciting bets. An invitation for such sporting events get the High Roller usually directly by mail.

Other Bonus Actions

   As a registered customer inventory at BetRedKings two different bonus programs can be availed. One of these promotions is called "Cash Back Program". With this offer, it is the customer possible to get back a part of their bets on losing bets. For this purpose, no registration is necessary, but the customers only need a minimum of 120 regular operations have made in the last 12 months to be included automatically in the cashback program. Subsequently, the net loss is calculated in the same period, to determine the cashback amount. The bonus amount is once paid monthly on the first working day always. At the height of the possible Cahsbacks applies:  

  • 120 regular wagers in the past 12 months - 10 per cent of the net loss.  
  • 600 regular wagers in the past 12 months - 15 per cent of the net loss. 
  • 1200 regular wagers in the past 12 months - 20 per cent of the net loss.

The second bonus for existing customers is the 100 euro money-back guarantee on all bets. This bonus is valid for the first day, started at the with betting on the side of BetRedKings is (0.00 clock until 23.59 clock). Here, the customer can walk all types of sports betting. Should any of the betting then lost, the customer is a cashback of 50 percent, paid up to 100 euros. The bonus money will be transferred to the customer directly after the first day on her account.


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